Viva La Revolución

I think yesterday I may have been a bit… you know (outlandish?), with my post, but the truth is, this topic – the idea of making a real change in the world – kind of gets me fired up. It’s something I am very passionate about. It is now day 7 of the 7-day start a blog challenge, and I feel like I’m going to take this opportunity to kind of wrap up everything I’ve been trying to say this week, put a nice little ribbon on it, and wish you all a happy holiday.

Honestly, I feel like in the past week I’ve dropped whatever armor I wore before. And as though I feel vulnerable (and maybe a little grey), I feel free. Thank you ALL for the opportunity to break free from the chains apprehensiveness and offer you who I AM.

I am a firm believer in the power of setting an example, and that having a positive influence on the people around us is the surest way to make an impact on the world. So, when asked the question, “What kind of revolution will I lead?”, I was forced to reply, “A revolution of truth.” As I have said before, it is up to us each as individuals to decide to make the changes necessary in our own lives to reflect truth onto the world around us. The truth I speak being that of our truest self. If I reflect ALL of what I AM (my truest self), on the world around me I am doing my part, and really, that’s all any of us need to do. It’s a win-win!

My Decree

And so, as I have been influenced by many, may my truth influence many more.

I will lead a revolution of truth – a revolution of belief in humanity – I see you for who you truly are. These are times when we are closer together than ever before, in more ways than one, and our voices can be heard through the meadows and over seas.

I will lead a revolution of compassion – of acceptance – of faith in you and me. I will not be disenchanted by the subtlety of the changes taking place around me, but grateful that they are taking place, and at their own pace.

I will lead a revolution of love – that of true freedom – a revolution of change. For once I truly know love within myself, I may then share that love selflessly with others. I will not be shook when my love is not accepted, or taken for granted, but will have faith that my love will echo within the hearts of all that have felt it. I have faith that through love (DIVINE LOVE) we will know change.

– John R. Stewart


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