One Heartbeat at a Time

Be the Change

As some of you may know by now, ever since I was a child all I’ve ever really wanted was to make the world a better place. And honestly, nothing much has changed in regards to that. I remember I had such a hard time learning in history class because I didn’t like learning about wars. It just didn’t make sense to me and in fact, it still doesn’t (though i do have a new sense of acceptance for such things now). I think war can sum up a lot of the worlds problems too, whether it be a war fought for religion, land or within ones self. So what’s the answer to this one? How to end the war?

One of my favorite cliches you all have probably heard often is, “Change starts from within.” I call it a cliche because it’s often used out of context, and often as a shrug off or in small talk, but it’s true. Like Gandhi says, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” There’s really no other way. Only then can we influence others to stop fighting – when we stop fighting within, and among ourselves. Imagine a whole nation emitting this type of energy. That alone I think would change the world. And if that doesn’t get you pumped for getting this ball rolling, whatever (that’s cool too). I’m not only a seeker, but a believer, and I believe that it is possible to have the world change for the better, and even in my lifetime.

A Brief History of Mine

Growing up in and around Memphis, TN, I was strongly influenced by rap music. For a little while there I was a little off in the way side so-to-speak, but as I grew older (really after my mother died) something clicked, and I came to the realization that rap music (hip hop) was a very powerful tool, and could be used to potentially help influence millions of people in a positive way. So it became my mission to write about life from a seeker’s (believer’s) perspective and share with those who would hear my voice my wisdom, truth, and dreams of peace. This never really changed, and in fact, I got pretty good at it – and though I never reached an audience of millions of people I did have a positive impact on those that heard me.

The thing is, something did change, and though it wasn’t my desire to share my strengths and experiences with others, it was what was going on inside of me. I had found myself on the way side again (I began drinking heavily and using other drugs), and as painful as it is for me to say it, this persisted for some time. I remember several times I would try and write, but there was something inside that just wouldn’t allow the words to flow. I persisted to freestyle, and do shows from time to time, but to be honest… they all pretty much sucked. I was not feeling good inside (was drunk or on drugs most of the time), and could not reflect what I truly desired to as a result. To wrap this up, what was going on was that the way that I was living did not align with what I wanted to share. It’s like my higher self would not allow me to lie. How can I write about peace when I don’t feel it inside? How can I stand up in front of a room of people and promote peace when I’m at war inside?

How I Can Make a Difference

Thank you Scott, for reminding me that being authentic and painfully honest is the only way to really help people.

So, as some of you may know, I’ve spent the past year (just a little over), digging deep within myself (healing), making the changes I deemed necessary to love myself again –  forget about the dark life I once lead, and see the world again for the beauty it had to offer. Now that it seems I’ve been able to accomplish this, literally from the grips of darkness to a new found light, I just want to share that it is possible, and the real journey starts within.

I really wanted to have this posted by now, but I think it’s more important that I say this right.

I want to have a positive impact on people, by setting a good example in being humble, compassionate, loving, and kind to those around me – and by sharing with them (if they welcome it) the wisdom I have attained through the many roads I’ve walked on my way back to this place of peace. Can I change the world? Yes, but it may take some time. I like to answer that question with, one heart beat at a time.

I guess that’s really all for now. The truth is, I can only do so much myself. It’s really on us as individuals to decide whats important to us, and in turn reflect that truth on the world around. I know that I will continue to do my best, and hold my faith so that I may have a positive impact on those around me. And mankind willing (the ball’s in our court) we will see peace not only as a nation, but as a world.

“Small ripples make big waves!” –Patrick Edwards

God Bless

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